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for Brands, Publishers and Influencers

Today, it is easy to build online stores but really hard to recruit new consumers and scale revenue. Most online independent brands don't have the time, skill or financial resources to do it on their own.

The AdAmplify platform generates new revenue and engaged audiences using our innovative, integrated marketplace and marketing solutions. Our platform provides a cost effective means of growing an e-commerce business by leveraging websites with editorial content and audiences aligned with markets being served by our brands.

For brands this means low-risk, measurable returns from programs managed by AdAmplify.

For influencers and publishers, it means unique affiliate programs that deliver advertising and content that is relevant and interesting to its audience.

AdAmplify for Brands

AdAmplify Helps Brands Recruit New Customers, Generate New Revenue and Increase Exposure

Far too many brands have been forced to the digital sidelines by marketing solutions whose conversion costs are high, where the effort required to run campaigns is all-consuming and where the skills needed to manage diverse marketing platforms are beyond in-house expertise.

Lower Campaign Costs

Run performance-based campaigns where costs are based on actual sales results.

New Sales Channels

Significantly increase your sales results by leveraging our robust Navago marketplace platform and our social media, influencer and publisher networks.

Expanded Customer Base

Acquire new customers through our Navago marketplace and our in-ad purchasing widgets.

Strengthen Your Brand

Increase exposure through our marketplace and marketing platforms.

Measurable Return on Investment

Reduce the cost and complexity of mounting effective and measurable online campaigns through automatically targeting audiences aligned and interested in each brands' products.

Improved Competitiveness

Gain access to the tools that the "big brands" are using.

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AdAmplify for Influencers and Publishers

AdAmplify Helps Influencers and Publishers Acquire New Sources of Digital Revenue

By making it possible for brands who have limited budget to have a presence on influencers' and publishers' sites, our "fractional" advertising campaigns feature products for multiple brands in our ad widget.

Embedded Digital Commerce

Your website becomes an important new sales channel for brands through our in-ad purchasing technology that allows users to purchase items without leaving your site.

User Engagement and Retention

Retain users on your site by running ads that are relevant to your audience. When users see products they'd like to investigate and possibly purchase, our ad widget lets them browse while remaining on your site.

Source of Relevant Product Reviews

We provide customized, boxed sets of our brand's products aligned with your audiences' interests for your independent review.

Develop a New Revenue Stream

Our optional fee-based or compensation-based models offer an alternative revenue stream to typical CPM/CPC based programs.

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In-Ad Purchasing   •
Fractional Advertising

The AdAmplify E-Commerce Platform's unique ad widget generates dynamic ads directly from Navago's database of products from our independent brands. These ads can have purchasing enabled to allow users to review and purchase products within the ad itself. Multiple advertisers may be featured offering products relevant to the interests of your audience.

Powering Navago and Other e-Marketplaces

AdAmplify's Navago e-commerce marketplace aggregates multiple vendors' products, as well as story and video content of interest to consumers passionate about a healthy lifestyle, and natural and organic products that respect our environment. Navago's motto is "Good for Your Body and Soul, Naturally!".
AdAmplify's email marketing platform keeps Navago consumers continuously informed, engaged and coming back to consume our editorial and video content and to browse and purchase products that allow them to lead an eco-conscious, active lifestyle.
Navago's "founder" videos are produced for each of its brands, along with a written interview, to introduce the amazing and innovative folks who are passionate about creating healthy alternatives. Each founder has an interesting story of how they got to where they are today - stories Navago is proud to share with you.
AdAmplify's e-commerce ad units feature a carousel of products from the Navago site, creating a cost-effective way for brands to run digital ad campaigns and for publishers and influencers to attract new advertisers who are relevant to their audience.
Promotion on Navago's social media channels.
Brand product reviews on Navago's network of influencer and blogger sites.

About Us

AdAmplify creates mutually beneficial partnerships between brands and influencers & publishers, generating new revenue and new customers through our innovative e-commerce solutions. Our e-commerce platform has been used for years by over 250,000 brands, 400-plus publishers and millions of consumers.

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