Working with AdAmplify gives you access to our many decades of real world advertising experience, and our focus on building audience and revenue for vendors. When you sign on with AdAmplify, you are partnering with a North American company committed to continually adding features that directly improve your bottom line.

We're building software solutions that incorporate built-in expertise and decision-making to reduce the investment in time and experimentation needed by companies of any size to make a better return on their marketing investments.

Over the past 25 years, we've worked with hundreds of thousands of vendors. The thing we've enjoyed the most: corresponding and talking to companies passionate about what they're doing and developing innovative software products that provide the means for them to build their businesses. Having that relationship with our customers is what motivates us to continually improve the applications we're building. We're looking forward to connecting with you.


Customer Support

AdAmplify is dedicated to making your experience a positive one by removing complexity and backing that up with the support you require to keep your marketing campaigns performing at a high level.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you require support, have suggestions to improve our products, or would like to share a success story.

Here's where you can reach us:

Google Shopping App for Shopify vendors:

Contact Us: support@adamplify.com

Navago Cooperative Marketing Platform:

Contact Us: support@navago.com


If you're looking for innovative solutions to build audience and revenue, and a partner dedicated to deliver apps that minimize your investment in time and money, we'd welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Our customers value our transparency and our commitment to focus on what is truly working and weed out what is not.

To book a time to talk with one of our revenue experts, drop us a line:

Contact Us: sales@adamplify.com