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Increase Return on Ad Spend
It's all about performance & the effective use of your ad budget. AdAmplify gives you the tools to tailor your feed to maximize results.
Reduce Setup Frustrations
Time is money! AdAmplify helps you quickly and easily resolve tricky issues like account suspensions and product disapprovals.
Enjoy a Better User Experience
We've walked in your shoes. And our 85 combined years of building online audiences and revenue is designed into every app we build.

AdAmplify Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Managing the products that you want to appear in Google Shopping ads and free Google Surfaces campaigns can be time-consuming. The AdAmplify Google Shopping Feed App allows you to easily configure your feed before submission to Google by selecting the products you wish to upload to the Google Merchant Center.

Campaign Optimization

Getting a good return on your ad spend can be a time-consuming, difficult and sometimes baffling exercise. Ultimately your success is measured by a profitable Return on Ad Spend, not a high volume of unprofitable clicks. Our app allows you to eliminate underperforming products and focus on those that produce results.

Filtered Feeds

Our app provides you the tools to manage your feed right in our Shopify app. You can quickly select the products uploaded through the feed to the Merchant Center using criteria such as inventory availability, gross margin, performance, and selling price.

Review Disapproved Products

Ensure your Google account is not at risk due to repeated product rejection by Google. AdAmplify automatically suspends products rejected by Google from your feed to eliminate this risk. Disapproved products are flagged with the Google reason so you can quickly resolve problems. Once resolved we automatically upload the corrected products.

Feed Setup

Spend less time in the Google Merchant Center. Within our app, set up applicable sales taxes and a default shipping cost. And easily set up the overall attributes of your feed (e.g. appending your vendor name to the title for improved search results; using the primary or secondary image).

Feed Maintenance

New and revised products are updated daily to the Merchant Center. All products are refreshed monthly per Google requirements.

Great Support

AdAmplify is dedicated to making your Google ads experience a positive one by removing complexity and backing that up with the support you require to keep your campaigns performing at the highest level.

Why Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping is an essential tool in every merchant's arsenal.

With Google Shopping ads you're promoting your products to qualified prospective purchasers when they're looking to buy. Properly configured and tuned, this is one of your best advertising channels available today to reach relevant purchasers – all while generating a positive return on your ad spend.

Google Shopping ads offer much more than simple text ads – they show users a photo of your product, along with its title, price, and your brand name. Shopping ads display your products at the top of the search results – above the paid and organic text ads.

When your products are uploaded into the Google Merchant Center, they can be enabled to appear on Surfaces Across Google, a new free program that displays your products on multiple Google platforms, including Google Images, Google Lens, and Google Search (as rich results).

How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

To run Google Shopping Ads, you will work with two Google platforms (the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads), along the AdAmplify Google Shopping Feed.

The Google Merchant Center is a digital warehouse or repository of your products. The AdAmplify Google Shopping Feed app works seamlessly with your Shopify store and uploads your products to the Google Merchant Center.

Once uploaded, you're ready to have your products shown on the Google Shopping site and on Surfaces Across Google (again, at no cost). Linking your Merchant Center to your Google Ads account, gets you set up to run paid Google Shopping ads and start to generate new revenue from Google shoppers.

Did you know?

  • Google Shopping ads produce over 85% of retail paid search clicks.
  • Google Shopping ads consumers routinely produce a 400%+ return on ad spend (ROAS).