New Ad Revenue for Media Companies
Over 19 years, the AdAmplify Commerce Platform has powered creative advertising programs for over 400 media companies worldwide.
New Advertisers, New Revenue
Struggling with declining ad revenue, print media companies use our online platform to offer a compelling business model for local advertisers.
Flexible Commerce Models
The AdAmplify platform can be configured to support local multi-vendor marketplaces, multi-day "event" auctions, or continuous auctions.

New Thinking, New Revenue for Broadcasters and Publishers.

AdAmplify is reimagining the ways in which print and broadcast media can compete with online "pure plays" to offer local and online merchants effective and mutually beneficial programs to attract new audiences and revenue. We continue to innovate to deliver a platform that media companies can utilize to offer advertisers unique programs and access to their local readers and listeners.

Xceedx Technologies Ltd. is our exclusive partner in delivering these programs to publishers and broadcasters and providing the training and support to make every initiative a successful one.

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